Young scientists Monday revealed the findings of a six-week study of Staten Island Chuck's forecasting abilities.

PS 45 students said the borough's prognosticating rodent was wrong when he called for an early spring. A team of third-grade weather trackers released the official report during a special presentation.

The students have been busy tracking high and low temperatures since February third, the day after Groundhog Day.

“It's very hard to predict the weather and you're not always right,” said one young student. “I also learned that weather is more than just numbers.”

“Rather than the zoo saying it, it's an independent audit that verifies whether chuck was right or wrong,” added Staten Island Zoo Executive Director Ken Mitchell. “It's fantastic that the PS 45 science class participated this year. They learned a little bit about meteorology [and] groundhogs.”

Mitchell says Chuck is still holding onto a 78% accuracy rating.