Bella Marie was born prematurely at just 23 weeks. 

When her mother was too sick to pump her own breast milk, the tiny newborn's growth stalled from drinking formula.

Through the hospital's partnership with "Mothers' Milk Bank," Bella Marie became the first baby at the hospital to receive donated milk. 

Doctors say breast milk is best especially for preemies or newborns in fragile health.

"Breast milk is the most healthy diet for infants, in particular for newborns because breast milk contains all of the immune system benefits from the mother's body that the infant does not have," Dr. Jonathan Blau, Director of S.I.U.H. Neonatology said.

"It's really good for them, it's very light for them, they digest it easier. And they seem to have less trouble," N.I.C.U. Nurse Jane Cizin said. 

In just one week of drinking the donated breast milk, Bella Marie gained 8 ounces.