Only three weeks left until the election on November 8th and for many politicians running in the election, it's now crunch time. On Staten Island, there is only one contested race--the congressional race. The last campaign filings show the incumbent Republican Dan Donovan has a substantial lead in the amount of campaign funds raised in the last three months.

"If the campaign filings and the donations are any reflection we're doing very well, said Donovan. “We're optimistic but we continue to work hard."

Records from the Federal Election Commission show that Donovan has raised more than a quarter million dollars more than his opponent Democrat Richard Reichard. But Reichard says this is still very much a contested race.

"Basically this is the big difference between my opponent and I,” said Reichard. “I'm raising money at the grass roots level because basically, if I go to Washington, I don't want to be holding to anyone but the people in the 11th congressional district."

But Donovan says his record speaks for itself.

“Look what I've done in the short period of time I've been in Congress,” said Donovan, “We've been very successful getting healthcare for 9/11 workers, getting the families, allowing them to sue in federal court for the people responsible for the deaths of their people."

With a highly publicized and unprecedented Presidential race, one thing the candidates do agree on is the congressional race has been slightly overshadowed.

"There's not a lot of media attention on the congressional race but the voters in the 11th congressional district in Staten Island and South Brooklyn are very intelligent people,” said Donovan. “They know who represents them well in Congress."

But the Democratic candidate believes Hillary Clinton's current lead in the polls is beneficial for him.

"I believe that her lead is helping my race,” said Reichard. “My only concern is people will say she's winning and they're not going to show up at the polls."

So that’s what these two candidates say they’ll be focused on in the next three weeks, pounding the pavement, making calls--- and working to secure a win.