If you're struggling to find healthy meal ideas, you may just find the help you need on your next shopping trip. 

City Harvest is posting nutritious recipes along the aisles of several Staten Island grocery stores. 

It's all part of the group's "Healthy Retail" program, designed to inspire residents to cook nutritious meals at home. 

Grocers say their customers are already taking advantage of the program. 

"They'll pick up the ingredients and they'll go home and they'll make it that night and they'll find out it was good and not only was it good. It was good for me. It was healthy," said Met Food Manger Chuck Neuohr. 

"We choose the most easiest and convenient recipe that we can find and most of them really highlight the seasonal items," said Diana Canuto of City Harvest. 

You can find the recipes at the borough's 2 Met Food locations and Broad Street Supermarket in Stapleton.