Authorities say the man responsible for the Orlando Nightclub shooting was once investigated by the FBI but he was not on the government's "No Fly List" when he purchased the weapons he used for the attack. 

"He was a licensed gun owner. He worked for an armed security firm so he possessed that weapon lawfully. 

If he were on the no-fly list. He would not have been able to obtain that weapon lawfully," said Congressman Dan Donovan.

The Republican Congressman is running for re-election in November.

He is co-sponsoring a bill that would prohibit people on the FBI's no-fly list from buying guns. 

It was 1 of 4 pieces of gun control legislation that never made it to the house floor last week. 

A group of Democrats protested by staging a sit-in on the house floor. 

Donovan says his bill will be part of a bigger pkg on gun reform.

"The republican leadership wanted to put together a pkg to deal with the issue one time rather than deal with it piece meal," said Donovan.

But Richard Reichard, Donovan's Democratic opponent, criticized him for towing the party line, and caving in to the National Rifle Association. 

Reichard is calling for a ban of all assault style weapons.

"These weapons were designed for war. They were designed to counter the Russian AK47. They were not designed for defense. They were not designed for hunting," said Reichard.

Donovan says a total ban is not feasible because he says it would be a violation of the constitution.

"Our constitution says we have the right to bear arms," said Donovan.

Both Donovan and Reichard support legislation that would require background checks for people who purchase guns at gun shows or online.

"We are trying to make America safe while still projecting people's second amendment rights," said Reichard.

Donovan says the gun control legislation will likely get voted on in the fall.