Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders battled it out in Brooklyn in a democratic debate co-sponsored by NY 1 but on Staten Island people were catching all the action at "Karl's Klipper Restaurant & Bar" in St. George.  They were watching the final face off before the New York State presidential primary.

"I want to make sure that everyone here has the chance to get together and to meet other Hillary supporters on the island," said Alaina Reaves with "Hillary for America." She organized the event.

''She was the senator here for many years and she did so much great work,'' she said.

Even some familiar faces showed up to the watch party  including Richard Reichard, who's set to challenge Republican Congressman Dan Donovan in the fall, and John Mancuso, district leader for the democratic party on Staten Island.

"I'm out here just to support my candidate Hillary Clinton," said Mancuso.

"Listening to this debate we are speaking about real issues, we are speaking about jobs, right now we are speaking about gun control," said Reichard.

Some people at the watch party said they showed up to help them decide who to vote for on Tuesday.

"I'm trying to figure out who I am going to vote for and tonight is a very important night," said Guy Bejin, a St. George resident.

"Everybody was welcome here," said Paul Casali, a Hillary Clinton volunteer. He thinks she won the debate.

"With her past experience, with her knowledge, with her specific proposals I think she will make the best candidate for president of the united states, " said Casali. 

Not everyone at the bar felt that way. Mustapha Jinadu, a Park Hill resident supports Sanders.

"He has social democratic principles, the platform he's working with is something that's better for the middle class," said Jinadu.

While not everyone at the watch party agreed on a candidate the majority agreed that it's important to vote next week.