An Island Democrat says he wants to challenge Republican Congressman Dan Donovan this November.

Richard Reichard spent 30 years as Director of Personnel for the NYC Department of Finance.  He is now retired. 

While he's never run for office, he has been politically active, once serving as President of the Staten Island Democratic Association.

"Dan and I, we believe in different things.  I'm not running a campaign to say Dan's a bad guy or something like that.  I want to run an issues based campaign," Reichard said."

"Everyone who wants to run ought to run.  This will be the sixth time I've run for public office, this will be the sixth time I've had an opponent.  Some of my colleagues run unopposed, I've never had that luxury but I think it gives the voters a choice and I think that's a good thing," said Rep. Dan Donovan.

Reichard says he's reaching out to party officials to request a formal interview to seek the nomination.