A Queens state lawmaker adds his name to the list of those calling for the removal of a controversial bike lane in Bayside. 

Assemblyman Edward Braunstein says the newly installed lane along Northern Boulevard between 223rd Street and Douglaston Parkway is posing safety hazards to motorists and cyclists.

Braunstein says while turning onto the boulevard, drivers are monitoring on coming traffic and accidentally driving into the concrete dividers.

This has caused some cars to end up on top of the dividers, like the one seen in cell phone video uploaded to Facebook. 

"The community board has suggested using the pathway here and just widening it a little bit so that they can put a bike lane and still allow for pedestrians and that is something we are asking DOT to explore," said Braunstein.

The Department of Transportation added the lane following the death of a 78 year old cyclist.

A spokesperson said they're monitoring the project and are willing to make adjustments if needed.