170 new garbage bins will soon be installed along streets of Elmhurst.

State Senator Jose Peralta and the Department of Sanitation made the announcement on Monday.

"This is about maintaining the quality of life. This is about keeping our streets clean, because when we have clean streets the people fee happier and they are prouder of the community they live in," said Peralta.

Locations for 70 of the bins have already been determined.

They will be placed along Roosevelt Avenue in the hopes of deterring residents and visitors from littering.

“The department is pleased to work with Senator Peralta to place new high end litter baskets along Roosevelt Avenue. When used correctly, these high end litter baskets can help keep communities clean and corners clear of pedestrian litter. These baskets, just like the wire baskets, are not intended for household or commercial garbage. Anyone caught abusing a DSNY litter basket faces a fine of up to $300. We urge all citizens to use them properly,” said DSNY Commissioner Kathryn Garcia.

DSNY officials plan to look at surrounding streets, with high pedestrian traffic, to see where the remaining 100 should go.

“One of the main complaints of the community has been overflowing garbage cans.  This will help meet the community’s desire for a cleaner Roosevelt Avenue, a high traffic area with many take-out restaurants. The old garbage baskets are too small to meet the demand. I’m delighted that this project will help the community achieve their goal of a cleaner Roosevelt Avenue,” said Leslie Ramos, Executive Director of the 82nd Street Partnership.

According to Peralta, the new garbage bins are just the first part of a ten point plan to beautify Roosevelt Avenue.

Jose Peralta secured a $164,000 state allocation to purchase and install the 170 high-end green baskets.