On the coldest day of the season, residents of a Brooklyn apartment building say they have no heat.

But management says that's not true.

Tenants at 266 Washington Avenue in Clinton Hill say they've been calling 311 and the management company for weeks, but to no avail.

Some say they lost heating last year too, but it did not become a big deal until temperatures started to dip Thursday night.

People we spoke with say they are finding somewhere else to spend the night because it is too cold in their apartment.

"It has been going on for quite some time and I kept calling management and telling them there's something wrong with the heat  and I was told that the heat is being controlled through their monitor, like in their office and that there's nothing wrong with the boiler," said one resident.

"From what we understand, they're required to provide heat throughout the public areas and they have not been providing heat since these new landlords took over the building," said another.

The building's management company, A & E Real Estate, is denying the complaints, saying in a statement:

"Heating within 266 Washington Avenue was fully operational the first day of the Winter heating season, October 1st, and has been working properly."