SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- Help is pouring in by the thousands to rebuild the Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church.

The owner of a San Antonio-based home improvement company is founding a nonprofit to help the church.

"It all started with a Facebook post that my wife saw," said Brad Beldon, who first tried to help the pets and livestock orphaned by the mass shooting.

He filed an application on Wednesday to create Rebuilding Sutherland Springs, Inc., a charity that he hopes will be granted 501(c)3 status by the IRS next week. While the Internal Revenue Service reviews the nonprofit's application, the charity is accepting donations through GoFundMe*.

"Every little bit is going back into this community," Beldon said. "It's been coming from all over the world. We are dumbfounded. We have raised $100,000 in cash in two days, but the in-kind donations are just mind-boggling."

The church's pastor said Thursday he's demolishing the building and move to a new property. A memorial will be built on the site of the former church.

"I can't put words to it," Beldon said. "We can't change the events. We can't change the memories, but we can create new memories. The sun will come up tomorrow in a new home, a new place of worship, a new hope for them."

In addition to about $100,000 in total cash donations, Beldon said he'd already received by Friday afternoon upward of $750,000 in in-kind donations.

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