SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- It's coming down to the wire for the four candidates for Syracuse mayor.

Howie Hawkins, Laura Lavine, Ben Walsh and Juanita Perez-Williams are all trying to separate themselves from the pack. And they had another chance to do so at the Thursday morning roundtable.

The discussion was moderated by Syracuse University political science professor Grant Reeher. He is a political observer, who noticed that one big topic has been missing from the conversation this election season.

"With the exception of Howie Hawkins, the other three really aren't talking about sources of revenue and taxes. So if we have a city that has the financial situation that Syracuse has, it does have a limited tax-base. But something has to be addressed there, and dealt with.  And all three of them have kind of skirted away from that.  I think it's also interesting that none of them, at least in the forums I've seen and heard, have mentioned Destiny,” said Reeher.

Reeher also points out that the lack of negative campaigning in this race is strategic. He says history has shown that in races with more than two candidates, it doesn't pay to go negative.