Lawmakers and residents are calling on the MTA to bring back a bus route that was eliminated seven years ago. They say it's needed in eastern Queens where there are limited transportation options. NY1's Shannan Ferry reports.

The Q75 bus stop used to be just steps away from Cathy Grodsky's home. The Oakland Gardens resident would often take the bus to get to Manhattan. But since the MTA eliminated the route as part of its budget cuts in 2010, it's been more difficult to get around. 

"We are in Eastern Queens, but we have a great, big city to explore, and it allowed me to do that," said Grodsky.  

City Councilman Barry Grodenchik is calling on the MTA to restore Q75 service. The bus route once connected Oakland Gardens to Jamaica, providing a one-seat ride to the subway.

Grodenchik said with so many issues plaguing the city's mass transit system, the route is needed now more than ever. 

"We're in a transportation desert out here in Eastern Queens," said Grodenchik. "If people want to end congestion, and they want to get people out of their cars, they have to give them reasonable mass transit options."

An MTA spokesperson said the Q75 was eliminated because it had the fourth-lowest ridership numbers in the entire city.

"A lot has happened since then. The area has grown, there's more people living here that would make use of mass transit," said resident Michael Spinner. 

The MTA spokesperson went on to say that the Q88 and Q17 bus routes cover the same operating area as the Q75 did. They also encourage customers seeking a one-seat ride to Jamaica to access the westbound Q30 at Cloverdale Street.

Still, these residents argue those options are often too crowed and inconvenient.

"We have to walk like more than ten blocks in all kinds of weather, some people are not capable of walking," said resident Tammy Osherov.  

As for Grodsky, she especially hopes the Q75 is restored for her four children; she says that as they're getting older, they also need more transit options.