Investigators are working to determine the cause of a deadly fire in Queens.

Police identified the victim as 59-year-old Ramon Rahim.

Fire officials say the flames broke out on the second floor of a three-story building in Forest Hills Tuesday morning around 10:20 a.m.

Another person jumped out a window to escape the flames, and was treated for burns to his face and arms. 

Fire officials say Rahim left through a hallway, leaving burn marks on both sides of the hall as he made his way down the stairs.

"When he got out to the street, two people that lived above him saw him and came down and tried to put him out because they saw he was smoldering," said FDNY Deputy Chief Steven Kubler. "They put water on him, they did the best they could, but his burns, they didn't have a chance to do anything."

Fire officials say there was no odor of gas, and no stove near where the fire started. 

There was a smoke detector in the apartment, but it was non-functioning, officials said.