A judge's ruling means more uncertainty for the future of a charter school in Middle Village.

Middle Village Preparatory School meets on the campus of Christ the King High School, which is affiliated with the Diocese of Brooklyn. Last year, the diocese filed a lawsuit against Christ the King for agreeing to rent space to the charter school on its campus without seeking permission from the diocese first. A judge agreed, and Monday another judge upheld that ruling.

Leaders at Middle Village Prep sent home a letter with students on Monday ensuring parents the school is appealing the decision. It says in part, “Justice Gray's decision could very well lead to irreparable harm to 440 middle schoolers, their families, our teachers, school district 24 and our entire community. We are taking every step to ensure that this decision has no immediate impact on our school. Classes and all extracurricular activities are continuing as scheduled.”

The Diocese released a statement saying, “The Diocese of Brooklyn remains open to working this out. We want to reach a settlement that makes everyone happy.  We hope that Christ the King will abide by the same terms as every other regional high school in the Diocese--terms that allow subleasing to charter schools.”