A man is hospitalized after a horrific crash on the Jackie Robinson Parkway.  

Police say it happened just before noon Saturday between the Cypress Avenue and  Forest Park Drive  exits in Glendale.  

Authorities believe the driver of a bmw sedan was speeding  west bound when he lost control of the vehicle and collided into a tree.   The man, who is in his 30's,  had to be extracted from that vehicle.   

One witness we spoke to says it appears the driver was racing another vehicle.

"Two BMWs were racing down, "said the witness.   "The car just flew in front of this car, this car lost control down there and quickly right off the bat the wheels of this car just turned around and flew into the tree right there," described the witness.

Police have not been able to confirm that the driver was in fact  racing another vehicle.

That driver was taken to Jamaica Hospital in critical condition.