Ah, the great outdoors. But visitors to this campsite at Fort Tilden aren't exactly roughing it. This is 'glamping' or glamorous camping.

"The cornerstone of glamping is that at the end of the day you can take a hot shower, you can grill up a steak, you can sit down and eat, sit by the campfire. Have some s'mores. And then go to sleep on a memory foam mattress," said Rebecca Martin, the co-founder of Terra Glamping.

Martin, along with her partner, David Levine they've produced glamping events across the country since 2014. But the Brooklynites are especially excited to welcome their first visitors to Fort Tilden this weekend.

"You get the benefit of the fresh air; we're 90 seconds from the ocean. But you have complete comfort," said Levine.

Comfort is key when glamping. These 12 by 14 feet safari tents have queen sized mattresses, down comforters and fine linens. The campsite is off the grid, but it doesn't mean you have to completely unplug.

"You've got lanterns and we have lights on pathway at night for you. We do not have Wi-Fi but we do have cell phone chargers," said Martin.

And off the grid doesn't equal an outhouse. The site includes a bathroom trailer, complete with running water.

"That is just super comfortable, so flushing toilets and hot showers," said Levine.

A stay will run you $200 a night Sunday through Thursday, and between $225 and $250 a night on Fridays and Saturdays. The glamping pop-up runs through September 19.

For more information head to www.terraglamping.com​