Albany lawmakers are calling on Governor Cuomo to sign their bill to study lead levels in paint on the 7 train.

The bill would require the MTA and the New York Transit Authority to focus on elevated subway stations, tracks and trestles.

State Senator Jose Peralta and Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz sponsored the bill that passed both houses in Albany last month. 

Peralta says a local International Union of Painters and Allied Trades study found more than 40 times the legal limit of lead in paint chips along the seven train. 

"You have kids that walk down underneath the train that can easily pick up the paint chips and put it in their mouths. You have street vendors that are cooking their food that the paint chips could fall and could fall into their cooking and serve it," said Peralta. 

"Everyone of those has a potential danger there. We don't know for sure. That's why we need the study," said Dinowitz. 

An MTA spokesperson said "While we cannot comment on pending legislation, NYCT has a program in place to proactively scrape and repaint our structures.  This includes annual joint inspections with NYCDEP of NYC parks that are adjacent to our subway structures and quarterly inspections of other locations. All paint chips that are generated during this process are contained and properly disposed of in accordance with EPA regulations."