It’s becoming a common sight, as more and more people are lining up to ride the NYC  ferry.  

“Feels like a little cruise to Manhattan then you go about your day,” said ferry passenger, Walter Daluz.

 A cruise so popular it's causing enormous lines.  Just this past weekend, One user posted a video on Facebook showing what it looked like from the Rockaways as the line stretched down the block. 

Another user posted a photo from Pier 11 in Manhattan, where the line seemed like it never ended.

“I would say at least three or four-hundred people were waiting for the boat, “ said ferry passenger, Tom Olquist.

Officials say since launching  May 1st, demand for the Ferry has far exceeded their highest ridership projections, with over 400-thousand passengers to date.  That includes 8,000 people alone just last weekend on the Rockaway Route. 

The demand so high, the ferry has had to call in additional charter boats from local operators, including New York Waterway: two to three extra boats on the Rockaway route, two on the South Brooklyn route, and up to four on the East River route.

Residents say this is a much better option than riding the subway system which is often times delayed and not a lot of space.

“Our subway system out here is a little inconsistent and with the Long Island Railroad with all the problems,” said ferry passenger, Melanie Lee.

Ferry officials say they are also looking at additional enhancements to ensure riders have the best experience possible.  Lee suggests upping the number of rides.

“Instead of once an hour, maybe twice an hour, maybe even three times an hour,” she said.

Meantime riders will have to deal with the lines, but  some say  it’s a good problem to have.

“Shows that demand is there.  I think if they meet the demand   the ferry will be here to stay and that’s what we need,” said Olquist.