High school students learned about ways to reach new heights at a college in East Elmhurst.

The Aviation Community Foundation exposed 50 students from across the country to the aviation industry at Vaughn College this week. The goal was to introduce them to possible career paths.

The Foundation provides connections and resources for students interested in the field.

Students visited the Cradle of Aviation Museum, tried the school's flight simulators, learned about drones and more.

"We hope they get a real sense of the possibility for their life. We call it a flight plan for life, whether they want to be a mechanic, a pilot, maybe they want to be in marketing," said Ethan Martin, CEO, The Aviation Community Foundation.

"I want to do forensic science and so because of the connections I've made here, I realize I can go to the NTSB, the National Transportation Safety Board," said Tiara Tillis, a student.

To learn more about the Foundation visit aviation-community.org.