Demonstrators are protesting President Donald Trump's immigration policies at a Queens bakery, and it might be hard to find baked goods around the city if they get their way.

Workers at the Tom Cat bakery in Long Island City organized the protest called "Day Without Bread." 

In addition to their rally, they want restaurants and cafes around the city to show support by not selling baked goods Friday.

Last month, dozens of Tom Cat workers were given letters saying they must provide documents proving their immigration status by today, or they will be fired.

One former employee told us the workers are the ones who make the company a success.

"You help to grow up this company. This company's what it is for you, for the workers, for me, for the workers, now to me, to my co-workers, and it's really in fear for what they're doing to us," said the former worker.

Four people were arrested outside the bakery early Friday morning after they chained themselves to a truck.

Tom Cat says the immigration probe was part of an audit by the Department of Homeland Security.

It's not clear if the audit is random, or part of stricter immigration enforcement under the Trump administration.