A new grant will help some deserving students have a shot at getting a bachelor's degree for free.

Give Something Back presented a one million dollar check to help future students at Queens College Wednesday. The nonprofit helps cover college costs for low income students all over the country.

The organization will select its recipients from students who'll be starting ninth grade this fall.

Queens College will come up with the remaining money to help those students graduate debt-free.

"Although our tuition is relatively affordable, when you compare it to other college tuitions, it's still a big chunk of income that a family would have to forgo to have their child go to school," said Richard Alvarez, V.P. of Enrollment and Retention at Queens College.

"For our students that don't have the access to postsecondary education, who can't live on campus or be accessible to a four-year education, this is going to change their lives," said Julia Forman, Alumni Manager at NYC Outward Bound Schools.

To learn more, head to giveback.ngo.