Animals flying into and out of Kennedy Airport now have a new terminal just for them.

Executives at the ARK at JFK hosted a media walkthrough Wednesday. The 178,000 square foot, temperature-controlled space will serve as a place for small animals, birds and even horses to relax before their flights. While there, they can go for check-ups and grooming, sometimes with relaxing opera music playing in the background.

The company that operates the new terminal says flying is uncomfortable for animals just like it is for people, and it's important for them to have a place to relax.

“You see many humans white-knuckling the seat in the airplane every time they hit turbulence,” said John Cuticelli, Chairman and CEO of the ARK at JFK. “What does that feel like to a horse?”

“Animals need to be relieved. They need food. They need care,” added Elizabeth Schuette, the facility’s Managing Director.

The animal terminal will be completely finished by this summer.

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