Queens residents are bowling for a purpose.

The Rotary Club of Southwest Queens held its annual "Bowling for Vets" event at Bowl 360 in Ozone Park Sunday.

All the proceeds from the fundraiser will go to helping homeless veterans.

The Rotary Club works with the organization General Needs to provide new clothing and supplies for vets in shelters.

Officials with the event tell us the inspiration comes from their monthly visits to the St Albans VA Homeless Shelter.

"Once you go once as a club member or a volunteer, you get hooked," said Joe DiBlasi, president of the Rotary Club of Southwest Queens. "You want to do more, you know, whatever you can."

"We are able to be at this bowling alley today, and all these people are having fun, because these men and women have served our country and fought for our freedom, so how can we not support them?" said Lonnie Sherman, founder of General Needs.

For more information, visit generalneeds.org.