Nonprofit Group to Expand Programs in Queens for Women Who Struggle With Substance Abuse

Services are expanding in Richmond Hill for women who struggle with substance abuse.

The New York Community Trust awarded the nonprofit group Outreach a $85,000 grant to better serve women across the city.

Outreach helps about 2,000 people struggling with drug and alcohol abuse.

The grant will increase staffing and services specifically for women in need of substance abuse and behavorial health treatment.

"The New York Community Trust grant really matters because women do not always access services, and especially in relation to substance abuse, whether in themselves or a family member, they don't always go in to ask for help," said Beth Covelli, senior director of the New York City Outpatient Services Outreach.

With this grant, Outreach will provide more women with programs, including counseling, employment services, and workshops focused on health and parenting skills.

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