Some transit advocates hope to prevent a bus service from rolling through their neighborhood. NY1's Shannan Ferry explains why they believe it will make traffic conditions worse.

The city's Select Bus Service is headed to Woodhaven Boulevard and Cross Bay Boulevard - and these transit advocates fear it's going to make road congestion worse.

"It's going to create a mess of a traffic jam, and a clogged artery," said Marty Ingram.

The project is expected to be implemented for the Q52 and Q53 lines along this 14 mile stretch.  Although the plan will improve fare collection and make stops more attractive, advocates complain it will give transit signal priority to select buses, and cause some traffic lanes to be replaced by bus-only lanes.

"And when you get out of those bus lanes, it's going to be gridlock," said Philip McManus, Founder of Queens Public Transit Committee.

The Queens Public Transit Committee protested the idea on Woodhaven Boulevard Sunday.  They want the city to bring back the old Rockaway Rail Line instead of the bus service.

"It would take the stress off of Cross Bay Boulevard, and it would take thousands of riders," said Danny Ruscillo.

Not  everyone is against select bus service in the area - some bus riders we spoke with say they believe the plan could make their commutes shorter.

"It takes me about an hour and a half to get to school, so I feel like it would help me," said Britney Schpak.

The MTA says the project will make the Q52 and Q53 up to 35 percent faster.  The Department of Transportation says currently those bus trips are often slow and unreliable.  It says over 31,000 people ride the bus along this corridor daily.

"Which sounds like a big number, they're not telling you that there are 60,000 or twice as many people in cars," said Alan Rosen.

The DOT and MTA didn't comment on the railway suggestion. Regarding the bus service, they say in part they'll continue outreach and dialogue with stakeholders and the community.

An exact completion date hasn't been set yet.