Long Island City may be bustling with new high-rise developments, but according to Richard Mumith - it's bustling with flavor too.

"We want to highlight Queens diversity and authenticity through it's culinary front," explained Mumith, Co-Owner of "Local Finds: Queens Food Tours."

The Queens native launched the three-hour culinary walking tours last year. Guests sample fare from various locally-owned shops, and a tour guide points out historic buildings, while explaining Long Island City's rise from an industrial ghost town to a residential destination.

"It's a hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage that's, um coated with bread crumbs and we flash fry it really quick," explained Carla Nicdao, regarding the most popular dish at the Woodbines Restaurant, which she manages.

Restaurants run the range, offering everything from maple bacon popcorn at Alobar Restaurant, to a signature three-cheese Mac & Cheese found at Sage General Store.

"Their macaroni and cheese much better than mine, which is usually orange Kraft out of the box - so real big upgrade there," said Carol Croccitto, who lives on Staten Island.

Mumith says although he originally anticipated his tours to attract more national and international tourists - about 90% of his guests live locally.

"Even though I grew up in Brooklyn, I'm very unfamiliar with, with the borough Queens, other than JFK and I'm enjoying Long Island City which has certainly passed by expectations," said Dan Crocitto, who also lives on Staten Island.

Public tours are hosted Sundays starting at 11am. Tickets start at 59 dollars per person - and pre-registration is required.