A 39-year-old man is facing manslaughter charges, after allegedly beating an Uber driver with a hockey stick.

Investigators say Kohji Kosugi started arguing with driver Randolph Tolk near the corner of 11th Avenue and 20th Street Saturday night.

Cops say Kosugi hit Tolk over the head with the stick, and ran off.

Tolk kept driving, but then crashed his Toyota Camry into the center divider at Horatio and West Streets.  He died at the hospital.

Advocates for taxi drivers say this is yet another example of the dangers drivers face in the city.

 “Someone of that age is outside working midnights and late night hours because he really needs the money, either to support his family or to support himself," said president of the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers Fernando Mateo. "Our communities need to know and understand and take care of our drivers. You know why, because they are the ones providing very special service. Services that other people do not wish to provide."

Police sources say they do not believe Tolk died from injuries from the attack.

The Medical Examiner's Office will determine the exact cause of death.