NEW YORK - An accused shoplifter escaped serious injury after jumping out of a second story window at a Times Square comic book store.

It happened Tuesday afternoon at Midtown Comics.

Police say security had asked the man to leave and sign an affadavit that he would not return.

He then allegedly bit one of the guards and made his daring escape.

"When I heard the sound, I immediately looked up and see the glass coming down, and I already been through some plate glass before, so I know that sound. And I know when I see that glass, you get away. So I immediately go into the street. And then I see this guy falling on to the ledge in slow motion, like he didn't, the way he fell, he didn't even like get hurt. It looked like he braced himself," said one witness at the scene.

Midtown Comics tweeted that both the man and the store's staff are safe.

The matter is being handled by police.