Players of all ages are putting their soccer skills on display Saturday at the fifth annual Times Square Cup.

"It's like being in a very busy Christmas tree where everybody's playing around, all the lights are flashing, and it's quintessentially  New York because you are in the buzz, in the pumping heart of the city, and you're just having a tons of fun with adorable kids," one attendee said.

It is expected to feature dozens of teams playing in around 100 different matches on a miniature pitch.

More than 100,000 people are expected to come watch the games throughout the day.

Those NY1 spoke with said the venue did not disappoint.

"It's really fun here," another fan said. "The atmosphere is really cool, we're playing in Times Square."

Street Soccer USA is hosting the cup. The national non-profit has a stated aim of using soccer as a platform to fight poverty and help underserved communities.

The event runs until 10 p.m.