Five police officers suffered minor injuries Sunday morning in Brooklyn after a person with a gun clipped them with a car, the city police department said.

It all started around 11:40 a.m. near East 53rd St. and Avenue L in the Flatlands neighborhood.

Officials said the five officers were called to the area after receiving a report of an argument there.

Police said that when the officers arrived, they found a group of people arguing over a blocked driveway outside of a home, and discovered that one person in the group had a gun.

At some point as the officers responded to the situation, the NYPD said, one of the officers fired a shot from his or her gun which did not hit anyone.

The person the NYPD believes had a gun then ran to a nearby car and took off, officials said, clipping the five officers.

The fleeing person lost control of the car near East 58th St. and Avenue J and crashed. The person then tried to run away on foot, tossing away the gun.

Other responding police officers managed to arrest the person and recovered the gun, according to officials.

Charges are pending against the person, who is being questioned. The investigation is ongoing.

The five officers who were hit by the car were taken to a local hospital for treatment.