New Yorkers came together Tuesday night to watch the fireworks that took place during NY1's mayoral debate.

A debate watch party was held at Restoration Plaza in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Those NY1 spoke with told us what they thought about the often heated exchange between the candidates.

"Out of these three, there's not really a contest: Mayor de Blasio is much more eloquent, and this is honestly a little bit of a rodeo, like a reality TV show," one woman said during the debate.

"She presents herself pretty well, but I think a lot of her points don't really make sense and I think she's trying to come up with things to attack de Blasio about but doesn't really have anything that's striking home," one man said about Republican mayoral candidate Nicole Malliotakis.

"Their answers were very telling about the policies they would implement and even the freedoms they would roll back," another attendee assessed.