CHARLOTTE -- A student has come forward to take responsibility for a racially offensive sign found on a water fountain in a residence dorm at UNC Charlotte.

The sign displayed the word "colored" above a water fountain in the dorm.

According to a message released by Chancellor Philip Dubois, the student who came forward wrote, “[t]here was no intention to hurt anyone or insinuate that UNC Charlotte represented or approved of racist beliefs, nor do I believe in them. I do not support or encourage any racist agendas... I am deeply sorry for all that came out of this.”

The chancellor went on to say that the student said it was a poor attempt at humor.

Dubois released the following statement: "There is nothing humorous about what he did. Let me be very clear that intolerance and bigotry have no place within the inclusive culture we strive to achieve at UNC Charlotte…. University officials will meet with the individual who has taken responsibility to review the incident under the Student Code of Responsibility and discuss how his actions have affected members of our community. Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Kevin Bailey and I will continue to work with our Student Government Association to advance important dialogue like the conversation in which I participated last evening with the SGA.”