BUFFALO, N.Y. — A Buffalo group is echoing Gov. Andrew Cuomo's call for more federal aid to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

Wilmer Olivencia helped organize the Hurricane Maria Relief Committee after the storm hit the island.

The group helped collect more than 400 palettes of food and essential items to be delivered to the people of Puerto Rico.

Officials say half the island is still without electricity, most of the island has water but is under a boil water advisory and many cell phone towers are back up.

Still, Olivencia says there's a long way to go.     

"At a certain time, when it gets dark, you're dependent on candles, you're dependent on flashlights to get around. The school system, they're starting school early and they're ending by 12 o'clock because there's no electricity, there's no water," Olivencia said.

Olivencia say they're planning to hold another major fundraiser for the people of Puerto Rico.

He says the funds will go specifically toward helping families that have relocated to Buffalo.