CHAPEL HILL -- Protests took place on the UNC Chapel Hill campus on Monday night as one of President Donald Trump’s former advisers spoke at an event held by the UNC College Republicans.

Sebastian Gorka was the deputy assistant to the president until August.

People who oppose his views say that Gorka is Islamaphobic and an anti-Semitist.

While some believe he promotes hate speech, they understand the importance of freedom of speech.

“Free speech definitely goes both ways. We’re allowed to protest here today because it’s our right to free speech, and they can’t limit us. And they can’t allow us and limit him. But again, it’s not representative of the student population," said Emma Boggess, sophomore, UNC Chapel Hill.

“I understand that some people may be stressed and may be angered. I hope that they will listen to what Dr. Gorka has to say,” said Will Rierson, chairman, UNC College Republicans.

Gorka says this is only his second time speaking on a college campus.