An 8-year-old boy suffered several injuries Friday night after a car hit him in the Bronx.

Sunday Flores, the boy's aunt, said Alvin Paulino Jr. was struck in front of his house around 9 p.m. 

It happened on Faile St. near Seneca Ave. in Hunts Point.

The boy's aunt said he got pinned under the car and several people had to lift the vehicle to free him.

Police said the boy may have walked or ran out into the street in Hunts Point when he was hit.

Flores said the car was going fast when it hit him.

"It kills me because I know this area is not secure. But it also hurts to know my nephew is in the hospital for something so, he could have just slowed down, he could have just slowed down, especially being that it's dark and knowing that there's kids outside, it's summertime," Flores said.

Flores said her nephew was taken to Lincoln Hospital with injuries to his knees, hip, and face, and he will undergo surgery.

The driver is not expected to be arrested.