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How Will Jose Affect Us?

Even though Jose won't make landfall here in New York City, you can expect whipping winds across the area. There's also the chance of rain throughout the day and flooding along the coast.

There is a coastal flood warning in place for Queens and Brooklyn. A coastal flood advisory is in effect for Staten Island and Manhattan. This is more likely to occur during times of high tides along the south shore. Also, anticipate gusty breezes throughout the day into tonight and Wednesday morning.

Tuesday: Occasional rain and wind. High: 75

Wednesday: Breezy start with Increasing sunshine. Less breezy High: 80

Thursday: Sun & Clouds. High: 82

Friday: Fall arrives at 4:02 pm. Sunny and warm, feeling more like summer


Maria ripped through the Leeward Islands including Guadelupe and Dominica as a category 4 hurricane. It has since strengthened to  category 5 with maximum sustained winds of 160 mph. Maria is expected to slam Puerto Rico, the British and U.S. Virgin Islands. Dangerous wind, storm surge and heavy rain is expected Tuesday into Wednesday.

The tropical storm track is expected to continue northwest, which brings it closer to the east coast. The jury is still out concerning Maria's direct impacts to the United States. Stay tuned for updates.

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September 19th 1983, 94 1929,44
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