We recently launched a new segment on Time Warner Cable news called Unscrambled, a series of reports to help Time Warner Cable subscribers take full advantage of features and apps they may not know are available. Last week, Jill Urban explained how to tell which Internet speed tier is right for you. This week, she explains how to get the most out of your WiFi service once you are set up at home.

When it works well, a strong wireless connection at home is essential. But if it stops working or slows down, it can be incredibly frustrating. Well, there are some simple things to know about WiFi that may help maintain your speed and your sanity.

"There are so many things that can effect WiFi: The distance you are from your WiFi router, interference from other networks, other people using WiFi in the house," says Brian Kline, Vice President of Consumer Equipment, Time Warner Cable.

So, with that in mind, we asked Brian Kline of Time Warner Cable to help explain how to get the most out of your WiFi at home. First, if it’s slow, he suggests doing a speed test using your ethernet cable to confirm the wiring coming into your home is not the problem. If you are getting the speed you are paying for there, then check the modem. Make sure it’s working properly and that it’s centrally located.

"Also, don’t put it in a closet. Doors, mirrors glass, it all impacts the WiFi signal. So, if you are hiding your modem away, it’s going to have a weaker signal," Kline notes.

Sometimes the connection can be slow because too many people around you are using the same WiFi spectrum, or channel. It’s like too many cars on a highway leads to traffic. The more names you see on your network list, the slower your connection may be. But there is a simple fix.

"The best way to check if there is a better channel is to reboot your modem. When you do that, the modem will look around and find the right channel for you and put your WiFi modem on it," Kline says.

Also, WiFi operates over two frequencies - 2.4 gigahertz and a newer 5 gigahertz. If you are using a device that can handle 5G, use that.

"Many new devices connect on 5. There is a lot more space up there and there’s a lot less people using it. So we really encourage people to use 2.4 and 5 Ghz to connect their devices," Kline says.

And last, the more devices on your WiFi the slower your connection, so use an ethernet cable when you can.

“One of the big mistakes we see is Rokus or X-Boxes that are in entertainment centers right next to the wireless modem and they are connected wirelessly. If you just connected those devices directly, you would see better performance for the X-Box and Roku but you would also see better performance for you other wifi devices," Kline explains.

For more great WiFi tips, you can visit the support section of the Time Warner Cable website.