ELMIRA, N.Y. — Harriet Hoyt, the teenage mother who abandoned her baby in a plastic bag, leaving the child outside for more than three days this past August, agreed to a plea deal.

Hoyt's eight-month-old baby was found in the bushes on Walnut Street back in August.

The little girl survived and is now in foster care.

Hoyt had undergone a mental health evaluation, while she was facing charges of second-degree attempted murder, reckless endangerment and abandonment of a child, but Friday morning, she settled the case against her, agreeing to plead guilty to just the attempted murder charge.

In exchange, she will be sentenced to nine years behind bars when she's back in court on January 26th.

Prosecutors say neighbors found her eight-month-old girl in a garbage bag, left in the bushes for more than three days.

"There's just a lot to the story that I hope eventually comes out. I don't believe she is the monster she is sometimes being painted as," said public advocate John Brennan in August. "Everyone needs to remember she's a 17-year-old single mother, and what she's accused of is a very horrible thing. But it's also a very traumatic thing for any 17-year-old to go through."