BUFFALO, N.Y. — World War II veterans Dick Bondi and Robert Stoll were honored Thursday as the Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park remembered the attack on Pearl Harbor. 

"It was a rough situation, and those of us in the states, I think we all wanted to go and fight for our country," said Bondi. 

"I forged my age and joined and got kicked out and as soon as I was old enough, I went back in again," said Stoll. 

Both men were surprised to learn they would be honored. 

Humbled and grateful, they took the time to remember their fellow military members, the attack on Pearl Harbor and what their service meant to them. 

"If I had my way every graduate from high school for two years should go into service or a service or some kind. Then they would appreciate the true sacrifice and beauty of our freedoms," said Bondi. 

"I'm not looking to be a hero; you don't have to pat me on the back. You can thank me if you want to, but ever since I was 17, my life has been Navy, still is Navy," said Stoll.