The upcoming Future of StoryTelling Festival could very well help change what you are doing right now.

 “The idea behind the Future of StoryTelling Festival is a celebration of the changing role of the audience from a world where people were passive consumers of their content, couch potatoes sitting and watching TV or films or music to where they are now active participants in their stories. They have an expectation to play a role," says Charlie Melcher, founder of the festival.

Many of those expectations arrive alongside new technologies: virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, artificial intelligence, sensors, haptics - being able to physically feel what you’re virtually seeing.

Some projects that’ll be shown off include a combination of several of the technologies, like a space walk that you experience in VR and feel while sitting in a chair. 

These technologies are as wild as they seem. For example, imagine how much more immersive a story will be when you can smell it.

 “It’s a story - ‘Alex in Wonderland’ and it’s an animated story and as you swipe through the story different fragrances are released that support the ideas or the experience in the story," Melcher explains.

The Future of StoryTelling event will take place October 7th through 9th in the Big Apple with around 50 exhibits.  Not to worry if you cannot make it, developers say when all is wrapped up, many of the projects, including those in virtual reality, will be made available online at