Technology has certainly helped humans over the years. Now, there are devices that help humans help their pets do everything from exercise to making friends. Time Warner Cable News technology reporter Adam Balkin filed this report.

Thanks to technology, you can now be present for your pet even when you are physically away from them. Perfect example of that is the $200 Petcube. This box not only allows you to see and talk to your pet remotely via a computer or a mobile device, but also allows you to play with your pet when you are away.

“There is a built in laser pointer and this thing connects to your home Wi-Fi,” says Petcube’s Yaroslav Azhnyuk. “You can control it remotely from your smartphone and basically you see your living room, you see your pet, you can talk to your pet, and you can swipe your finger on top of the screen of your phone to move this laser pointer which is inside. You know cats and dogs get crazy running after a laser."

Then once you are done helping them work a few calories off, the $250 Petnet SmartFeeder helps you pack them back on. Developers say the system is designed to not only help you feed your pet remotely but also to help keep your pet eating healthier.

“We have automated schedules, we have remote feedings, we have notifications and all of those together combine to give you a really robust system to manage your pet when you’re not home as well as when you are home," says Petnet’s Dustin Morales.

Finally, there are many dog activity trackers out there but WonderWoof is a bit different in two ways. Number 1: it is designed to be stylish. Number 2: it is designed to tell you how social your dog is being.

“It tracks all of your dog’s daily activity based on their size, breed, and age to make sure they’re getting the proper amount of exercise. But the best part is you can tell if your dog is playing, sleeping, jumping, what other dogs they’ve been with today," says Betsy Fore of WonderWoof.

It will be able to tell that based on which other dogs are also wearing the $100 WonderWoof Bowtie, out this spring or also if the dog’s owner is using the free WonderWoof mobile app.