One of the NBA players allegedly involved in a brawl inside a Manhattan nightclub was arraigned on misdemeanor charges Friday. 

Matt Barnes, 36, was arraigned on charges of assault and criminal obstruction of breathing for allegedly attacking a couple at the club Avenue in Chelsea last December. 

According to a lawsuit filed by the pair, Barnes grabbed the 26-year-old woman by the neck and choked her, knocking her unconscious. 

The suit alleges that he and fellow NBA player DeMarcus Cousins then repeatedly punched the man when he tried to come to the woman's aid.

Barnes was released without bail and is set to return to court in June.

Neither man was arrested. 

Barnes was playing for the Sacramento Kings at the time but was recently acquired by the Golden State Warriors.

The NBA suspended Barnes two games last season for getting into an offseason altercation with then-Knicks head coach Derek Fisher.