Two high-profile members of the Republican Party are divided over the federal spending bill signed by President Trump this morning.

"I cannot support it,” Rep. Tom Reed said in a video statement.  And the reason why is it's going down the path of uncontrolled spending that continues to add to our national debt.  This debt crisis is real."

The current national debt is around $21 trillion, he continued. “It’s hard to fix the root cause of the problem that’s causing the debt crisis, and that is to reduce our spending, reform our entitlement programs and get our fiscal house in order.”

Meanwhile, Rep. Chris Collins is applauding the house for passing the bill.

“This legislation is critical to our national security as we are giving Secretary Mattis the funding he needs to rebuild our military and keep Americans safe," he said. "This bill is a big win that accomplishes many of our priorities and provides budget certainty so we can move forward on other important tasks.”