A little-known committee of the city council is slated to meet Friday afternoon to investigate alleged misconduct by a lawmaker.

The Committee on Standards and Ethics has five members only, and in the last four years it has met just eight times.

It is being called into session to meet 1 p.m. Friday, after a complaint was lodged against a city council member last week.

The city council is refusing to disclose who that council member is, citing privacy concerns.

NY1 has been told that the committee is reviewing a matter involving Rule 10.80 regarding the council member's alleged misconduct. The rule covers everything from theft of city services, to sexual harassment.

Sources are speculating to NY1 that the matter will likely pertain to sexual harassment, which is why the council could be acting so swiftly. NY1 does not yet know the extent of this investigation or how severe are the charges.

In an emailed statement from the city council, NY1 was told, "The City Council takes all allegations of misconduct extremely seriously, and the Standards and Ethics Committee will be conducting a thorough review as they determine next steps."

These committee meetings occur behind closed doors.