Nicole Malliotakis started her day hanging 'For Sale' signs on City Hall.

"This is the reality of Bill de Blasio's New York," Malliotakis said.

It's a bit of a stunt to hype up what she says is a pay-to-play culture in Mayor Bill de Blasio's City Hall.

"Mayor de Blasio, between now and Tuesday, needs to release his phone records with Jona," Malliotakis said,

She was referring to Jona Rechnitz, the star witness for the prosecution in the corruption trial of the former head of the correction officers' union. Rechnitz has testified he got access to the mayor in exchange for thousands of dollars in donations.

"And on Tuesday, I ask New Yorkers to join me in taking down the 'for sale' signs," she said.

Malliotakis uses the line frequently on the campaign trail as she tries to unseat de Blasio. The trail led to a senior center, a walking tour and the ferry terminal on Friday.

The senior center was just outside of her Brooklyn and Staten Island assembly district.

It's unclear how much of a dent she has made outside of that district, like in Borough Park in Brooklyn. Her official campaign said it was a walking tour of the neighborhood. An internal schedule provided to NY1 called it a "Jewish walking tour."

"I don't know. I don't know who put that together," Malliotakis said. "It's in my schedule as walking tour with Joel Fischer."

A local asked her what she was going to do about terrorism and the "mosques."

"We are not going to target a particular race or religion, but we have to give them the resources, give them the resources to take any lead to the fullest extent possible," she said.

Back at the ferry, Malliotakis got some recognition, where many streaming passed were heading back to her home borough.