Former City Comptroller John Liu hit with campaign finance fines

A former city comptroller was hit Thursday with a hefty fine in connection with his 2013 run for mayor.

The campaign board slapped John Liu with $26,000 in campaign finance fines in connection with a straw donor scandal.

This comes after Liu's campaign treasurer and a campaign fundraiser were convicted of federal fraud charges.

They were accused of concocting a phony donor scheme to get Liu public matching funds.

Liu never received the funds, but the board determined that his campaign should be penalized for fraud.

In a written statement via text message, Liu said, "$26,000 fine imposed now, four years after-the-fact is a laughable pittance compared to the $3.5 million penalty unjustly imposed with political motivations on my campaign just weeks before the election in 2013."

In a separate case, Brooklyn City Councilman Mathieu Eugene was slapped with $7,800 in fines for violations, including using campaign funds for his personal use.

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