Governor Andrew Cuomo responded to some harsh criticism from Mayor Bill de Blasio Wednesday.  NY1 Zack Fink filed the following report.

Governor Andrew Cuomo initially tried to avoid reporters at a public appearance in the city Wednesday evening, entering the event through a side door.

But he later agreed to discuss the mayor's comments on "Inside City Hall" Tuesday, where the mayor expressed frustration with the governor and failure to deliver the city's agenda in Albany. De Blasio accused Cuomo of lacking leadership.

Cuomo: Everybody's entitled to their own comments and their own feelings, and I'll leave him to speak to his.
Fink: Do you think he was unfair, the manner in which he did it?
Cuomo: You know what, I've known Bill, the mayor, a long time. I consider him a friend. He says what he says, I say what I say, and I'll let him speak for himself.

The governor was less interested in answering the mayor directly and seemed more inclined to try and explain how Albany works, and how ultimately, all sides need to compromise.

"We have a Republican Senate. We have a Democratic Assembly. We need compromise. We've reached compromise," Cuomo said. "This state is moving forward."

Many Democrats, including de Blasio, were disappointed in Albany's legislative session, which ended last week. The mayor was only given a one-year extension to control the city's school system. Others found the four-year extension of the city's rent protections to be inadequate.

Nevertheless, many political insiders believe it was risky for de Blasio to slam Cuomo when so much of the city's agenda depends on Albany.

"Look, everyone makes a determination about how they govern and how they choose to govern. He'll make his and I'll make mine," Cuomo said. "I choose to bring people together. I choose to seek compromise. I choose to seek coalitions. It has worked in New York."

Cuomo's initial reaction Tuesday was a two-sentence statement that wished the mayor well on his vacation. People close to the governor described that response as basically a shrug.