Kristen Shaughnessy has been with NY1 since 1995 as the station's weekend anchor and breaking news reporter.

When the World Trade Center was attacked on September 11, 2001, Kristen was sent to the site shortly after the first plane struck. Once there, she saw just how bad the situation was. Cell phones and Nextel radios weren't working, so she ran to one of the nearest working pay phones and was on the air live with morning anchor Pat Kiernan when the first tower fell.

The smoke and debris closed in quickly, and the few people who were still in the area were forced to run. Kristen dropped the phone and ran with them. Several hours later she made her way, barefoot, from the east side of the city to the West Side Highway, where she met up with some of her colleagues.

Kristen's brother Jack worked at the World Financial Center for Lehman Brothers, but he was able to get out safely after the second plane hit.

Kristen may be one of the city's only television reporters to grow up in a house without TV. Her family's television set broke when she was very young, and her parents decided that the family would be better off reading.

Kristen worked first in radio and then at a television station in upstate New York before coming to NY1.

Kristen is married to Joe Bush, a professional golfer. They have two girls.