Bad weather sends most people seeking shelter. But not John. The worse the weather, the happier he seems to be.

John's most exciting story at NY1 was the Blizzard of '96. "I never thought I would go on television and make a snowfall prediction of 1 to 2 feet," he recalls. "After a while, it became obvious that this storm was unlike anything I had ever seen before. To see the city shut down for almost three days was incredible. It was a historic storm that we may never see again."

NY1's approach to weather is to give you the weather where you live, accurately and often. Other stations have to forecast for New Jersey, Connecticut and upstate New York. On NY1, you get the weather for your neighborhood, and you get it every ten minutes. NY1 utilizes the latest in weather technology, including computer-generated forecast models, satellite images, and Doppler radar.

The station also uses weather sensors in each of the five boroughs. Most of the other stations can only tell you what the weather is at the airports.

John became interested in weather at the age of 13, at Boy Scout summer camp. While working on the weather merit badge he was frustrated that his forecasts were constantly wrong. John's forecasts have improved since then, but he still finds it challenging. He has also remained an active member of the Boy Scouts.

John is responsible for daily forecasts and performs weather reporting during times of significant weather. Before joining NY1, he was a forecaster for NBC's Today Show.

John graduated from Kean College in 1991 with a Bachelor's degree in Meteorology.